We are committed to creating functional interior environments that reflect and enrich the users. Our team's user-centric focused and impeccable attention to colors, finish materials and lighting help creates a strong visual spaces that meet client needs whilst working closely with the project architect to provide a well-coordinated and total design package that combine innovation and creativity with optimal functionality and cost-effectiveness.


Nicus Interior Design offers creative, innovative design solutions for a variety of commercial environments. We have the management experience to coordinate, oversee and the design expertise to create spaces that are attractive, professional and functional. We can help you provide a pleasing work environment encouraging productivity for your employees, as well as a positive, welcoming atmosphere for each person who walks through your door.


From single rooms to large-scale residential design projects, our team of designers are ever ready to put their unique blend of artistry, creativity, imagination and expertise to work. We believe design is a collaborative process and will partner with you to co-create a luxurious, livable space that nurtures in every way.